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At Coolaroo South Primary School the literacy block is made up of ten hours across the week. Teachers plan lessons with explicit learning intentions and build skills to allow students to read, analyse, discuss and create a variety of texts.

The reading program ensures that students develop skills that allow them to decode and read with fluency, phrasing and expression. They then deepen their understanding of texts by drawing on a variety of comprehension strategies.

The writing program is based on the Teaching and Learning Cycle. The TLC involves the explicit teaching of language and grammar within an authentic reading and writing context. Students are guided in developing both their writing skills and their awareness of how writing works. They create engaging texts across all genres.

A range of support programs is offered throughout the school to enhance children’s total development. These include literacy support, phonological awareness programs and reading intervention program.

Coolaroo South Primary recognises the importance of the partnership between home and school. Families are the first and most important influence on a child’s development and play a major role in a child’s learning. We adopt an open door policy and parents are regularly invited to open classrooms, information sessions and teacher discussions about their child’s learning.

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